MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation, aka. Dean’s Letter) is a comprehensive document describing student’s academic performance to date and will include quotes from the 3rd year core rotation evaluations and Letters of Recommendation submitted to the school office when applying for rotations. It is one of the documents required of Match applicants in the USA and in Canada.

Detailed information on the document is available here.

Prior to its submission to ERAS, MSPE is available for viewing by the student/graduate it refers to. Suggestions regarding the document as far as the form goes (grammar, spelling etc.) but not the content will be taken into consideration.  The recommendation letters or opinions from the Student Evaluation Forms must be quoted verbatim – changes or omissions are not allowed.

Please note that a letter of recommendation (LoR) cannot be used twice, so if you plan to upload a LoR as part of your application, it may not be quoted in the MSPE. If such case should occur, you must inform me of that, so that the text may be substituted.

To obtain an MSPE, please submit here your CV and motivation letter, giving the writer an idea of who you are and what your professional motivations and plans are. That will facilitate writing the MSPEs and make them more personalised. The said documents should be sumbitted not later than August 20. MSPEs will be prepared in the order in which the documents are received.

Info on the application process and timeline is available here.


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