Extramural clinical rotations


  1. Only students of the 5th year of the 6-year program may apply for permission to do a part of the clinical rotations abroad.  
  2. Clinical rotations must be completed at University hospital or a teaching hospital affiliated with local University (Medical School).
  3. The program of foreign rotation should consist of the same number of weeks and hours or more.
  4. Permission to do clinical rotations abroad is given by Dean. Permission can be granted only after receiving a copy of acceptance letter as well as the program of rotations/elective from the admitting institution.
  5. Credit for the course will be granted only when Student Evaluation Form is fully filled by a respective supervisor and sent directly to the School Office. The evaluation form should be supported by a detailed report that includes information on the procedures performed and the total number of hours devoted to a specific item of the program. The report should be signed by student's supervisor.The School Office will forward the copies of received documentation to the respective course coordinator for his approval.
  6. Students are obliged to take all the required examinations on return to the School. The exams may be taken only upon the acceptance of the evaluation form (program) by the course coordinator in Kraków.
  7. No tuition fee reduction is granted to students who do part of clinical rotations abroad.
  8. A student may be charged additionally for obligatory classes that require individual scheduling beyond the class schedule.


  1. Student should be in a good academic standing.
  2. Student must meet all the obligations towards the School (tuition fee, summer clerkship statements etc.)
  3. Student should pass all exams and fulfil all up-to-date course requirements before starting rotation abroad.
  4. Any change in the plan of the clinical rotations must be approved by Dean.


  1. Application form for clinical rotations abroad should be filled by the student completely before it is signed by Dean.
  2. Signing the application form by Dean is not a formal permission!
  3. To apply for a formal permission student should send to Dean an acceptance letter from admitting Institution. The letter can be e-mailed to the school office, however, is strongly advised to send the original of the acceptance letter which is sometimes necessary for license to practice procedure
  4. If permission is granted an official permission letter will be issued to the student with the student evaluation form attached.
request letter+acceptance letter=permission letter+student evaluation form


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